Toto’s ‘Africa’ to play ‘for all eternity’ in African desert

Written by on January 19, 2019

Toto’s ubiquitous soft-rock anthem ‘Africa’ is being played for ‘all eternity’ in the Namib Desert on the west coast of Africa.

Toto Forever sound installation © Max Siedentopf

Namibian artist Max Siedentopf has created a sound installation called Toto Forever consisting of six white speakers attached to an MP3 player that contains just one song; Toto’s 1982 hit single ‘Africa’.

Placed at an undisclosed location somewhere in the 55-million-year-old, 81,000 sq km Namib Desert, Siedentopf told the BBC the installation has the potential “to keep Toto going for all eternity” thanks to its solar batteries.

“I wanted to pay the song the ultimate homage and physically exhibit ‘Africa’ in Africa,” the 27-year-old artist said.

“Some (Namibians) love it and some say it’s probably the worst sound installation ever. I think that’s a great compliment.”

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