Patreon – Support Shangrla Radio

Shangrla Radio has been broadcasting, ad free, for the last 12 years. What started as a means of providing background music to an online gaming group has, over the years, developed into a full blown Internet radio station, licensed and legal, playing a wide range of rock, classic rock and blues music.

The station has been self-funded by Steve Crooks (DJ Handle: Lordy) since it’s inception. The costs of running a LEGAL Internet radio station are high, but to create a truly great station is even higher.

Here at Shangrla we have a vision. We want to attract and promote new artists, bringing their talents to a wider audience. Our goals are to:

  • Maintain a top quality Internet radio station.
  • Maintain Ad free radio content
  • Attract more quality DJ/presenters
  • Move to premises with studio facilities for live broadcasts
  • Extend our reach to DAB radio transmissions
  • Attract and promote new artists
  • Distribute their music through Shangrla Records, our in-house record label.
  • Hold regular live concerts at various locations to showcase our artists
  • Extend Shangrla to provide airtime to music that is outside our regular Classic Rock and Blues genre
  • .. and more

We are extremely grateful to our patrons who allow us to have a reliable source of funding for these goals.

Being ad free is important to us here at Shangrla. It is our original concept and has been maintained for the last 11 years. There are hundreds if not thousands of commercial stations out there, but very few if any other than Shangrla, that are completely Ad free.

Our valued supporters at Patreon are what keep our vision alive and our goals a reality. If you are passionate about music particularly in the Classic Rock and Blues/Rock genres then why not join our valued Patrons to help keep music commercial free.

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